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Helton Strom is a fairly ordinary guy who runs afoul of officialdom and space pirates. He is left with nothing but his wits and the clothes on his back, without so much as planetary citizenship left to his name. Is the ugly, ancient, broken down military surplus starship he wins in a card game the key to a bright future hauling passengers and cargo among the stars, or will his repairs allow the demons lurking in its murky and lethal past be reawakened to come back and deliver a world of destruction?

The Stars Came Back might be classed as a space-western, with lots of action and adventure. Or maybe it’s a space-opera, and tension ebbs and flows. Unless it’s military fiction, with everything from spaceship battles to serious swords-and-sandals action. You might consider it a philosophical sci-fi, or perhaps it’s a mystery set in space (well, Tajemnica certainly is, in any case). Whatever you want to call it, if you want a good adventure with a few things to think about along the way, this story is for you.



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